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I Just Hired A Nanny

Well as daddys go I’ve always been hands on and made as little¬†of a fuss as possible when it comes to cleaning up and looking after the kids. It comes to a point though when you just have so much work on as parents and so little time you need to get help.

So we bit the bullet hard and got ourselves a part time nanny to help look after the two rugrats! After a few weeks it was all going great and everyone seemed happy, then came payday!

nanny tax serviceRunning a small business myself I’ve got an accountant and have a payroll run so looking after the daily money and taxes has never been a concern. Now I suddenly realised I’m responsible for an employee at home! Never even considered having to register to pay her and taxes etc but it quickly became clear that needed to be done!

A quick search on Google and there were tons of DIY payroll and tax websites but having time to do it myself wasn’t an option. Thats why we got a nanny in the first place. No time!

After a few quick reads and research (always read online reviews me!) I settled on a nanny tax payroll specialist called Nannypaye. They were very reasonable at only £180 a year which while not cheap is a great price for my head to not have another thing to worry about!

So lesson learned. If you get a nanny dont forget to pay her properly!

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